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Chris Ward

TEN ZERO THREE is the portfolio of Chris Ward BSc (Hons). I am a front-end developer, UI/UX designer, and graphic designer skilled in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and generally making things look pretty on the internet.

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Starting with the bad old days of table layouts, then getting excited by the elegant simplicity of CSS and then being giddy with joy at the infinite possibilities of HTML5 and JavaScript, I've seen and built it all. I take real pride in clean, simple, semantic and responsive markup and have made countless sites for every kind of client. Whether it's a banner ad, a fully responsive ecommerce site or an email template, I've made near enough everything at some point or another. If it's coded well, then it'll work well. If it works well, it'll be better for the user and that's the whole point.

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Designing for the web isn't just a matter of putting a logo above a navigation bar and then organising ever smaller boxes below it. The numerous ways that a website might be seen and the different ways you might interact with it has required us think about how we design sites in a whole new way. Responsive designs and the whole mobile-first approach is a significant paradigm shift. It is, in my opinion, a very good thing and adds to the fun. Who likes things simple, eh?

And remember friends don't let friends design websites in InDesign.


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